Monday, January 21, 2013

On Dreaming

I'm preparing a few brief words to say at our "Live Deliberately: Dare, Dream, Do" evening this Wednesday night.

And this morning, I realized how appropriate it is that we are holding this event just two days after Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

I'm going to be watching this video with my children today.

And then we're going to talk about how crucial it is to show love and respect to everybody--regardless of differences in beliefs, skin color, lifestyle, religion, personality, background, financial situation, etc. (They've been studying this at school, and I'm excited to hear more about what they've learned.)

I love listening to this speech because it embodies everything that is right about communicating an idea to an audience in a way that really connects--straight to the core.

I've been reading an amazing book called "Resonate," and the author dissects this speech--showing each of the components that helped propel Dr. King's ideas forward.

In the book, as the author is trying to help others to share their own ideas, she asks this powerful question:

How badly do you want your idea to live?

As I listen to Martin Luther King Jr. and see his passion, his calls to action, and this beautiful vision he shares with us, I can't help but be deeply impressed by his bravery, devotion, and perseverance.

What a beautiful man.  A true inspiration.

There are ideas inside each of us that can move the world in a positive direction.  And though it takes a lot of work, it's such a privilege to participate in something so meaningful.

Happy birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Thanks for inspiring us to dream.

Anyone want to share a dream you're working toward?

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