Sunday, January 13, 2013

Celebrating Success

I had a special "mom" moment today.

(For the past four hours, I have been curled up on the carpet near our fireplace, barely able to MOVE, since I've been so exhausted from the past week, but this experience was a highlight.)

Alia had been asked to play the piano for the opening hymn in her Young Women's class at church, and she was VERY nervous.

She'd written reminders to herself to practice each day, but she kept pushing it off until the next day . . . and the next day . . . and the next day. (Remember doing that?)

Finally, this morning she asked if I would sit down with her and help her find an easy song she could play.

She knows how to sight read with both hands, but she gets ruffled when people sing along, so I told her to just play her right hand this time (and then I encouraged her to start practicing with both).

After several hours of "Oh Mom, I'm so NERVOUS!" she headed into her class, and I hid out in the hallway, my ear pressed against the door.

I listened to the soft melody coming from the piano and heard all the girls singing along to "I Need Thee Every Hour."

It was just one verse, only lasting a minute, but it was BIG for her, which means it was big for me.

I love seeing my children reach outside their comfort zones. And I love seeing how little accomplishments can give them so much confidence.

I told Alia how sneaky I was, listening from the hallway, and how I was so happy for her.

She said she messed up on the beginning, but she had a cute smile on her face, and she knew she did a good job.

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Loving the teenage years so far (It's been five days!).


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  1. Great job Alia! I appreciate you playing and I am excited to hear you play next week!


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