Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Podcast about Minimilizing

We all want to be surrounded by beauty and simplicity, don't you think?  Images like this inspire us with their color and uncluttered look.  I want my whole house to feel this way.  (Someday, right? Maybe when the grandkids come to visit?)
This beautiful room designed by Kelly Donovan totally inspires me.
The painting, decor, and design aspects are going to have to wait for now (but I know I'll get there eventually!).

In the meantime, however, I'm focusing on simplification.  Anyone--on any budget of time or money--can simplify his or her home.  We can take out the trash, give away items we no longer use, and make our homes into a haven for each family member.  It's totally doable.

But how do you do it when you're in the midst of "being the mom"?

I just recorded a podcast with my dear friend Marilyn DeBry (who is so good at this), and it went live on Power of Moms today.

Click here for more information on Episode 46: Simplifying Your Home Simply (and WITH the Children).

And just a little more background . . .

I met Marilyn and her family at the Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico this past summer.  She knew me through Power of Moms (such a small world!), and we instantly became friends.  Here she is with her husband and six of her eight children:

Her two oldest children had gone on a week-long hike, and the family made posters to welcome them back to camp.  Isn't that so sweet?

And then before we parted after our week together, we took a quick photo in the dining hall:

The reason I wanted to record this podcast with Marilyn is because she is SO relaxed and positive around her children, and she and her husband had just de-cluttered their entire home. She was telling me all about how great it felt, and I knew that this was something our Power of Moms audience needed to hear. 

As a result of our podcast, my family minimalized our entire home, as well.  I was totally inspired, and now it feels incredible.  (I already liked de-junking, but Marilyn helped me take it to a whole new level.)  I am so grateful.

Enjoy the podcast!

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