Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trying to Balance (and a Sandbucket Magazine Giveaway)

Balance is an art.  One that I haven't yet mastered, but I'm working really hard at doing so.  Because there are so many choices to make, something always has to be left undone. 

Our book is coming out in just four days, which means I've been so excited about preparing for the launch that I didn't even notice we totally ran out of toilet paper.

I'm also falling behind on emails and desk work because there have been several extra events this week.

We had a birthday party for Spencer on Wednesday.

and it was precious.  Look at that little smile of his and the all those party hats.  Oh, I love those kids.

Alia decorated the kitchen and made Spencer's cake (she's a sweetie),

Grace wrapped the gifts and ran the games (this was "pin the tire on the car"):

and I did the shopping, baked the pizzas, got the house cleaned up,  and enjoyed visiting with our guests.  (Keeping it simple was a huge bonus.)

Ethan had his "Raingutter Regatta" on Thursday (but forgot to tell us his boat needed a rudder until we were loading the car).  Eric gratefully is a master with superglue, so Ethan's boat still got to race:

(LOVE my guys in their uniforms.)

Ethan was sad that he didn't win, but we cheered on the other boys, and we came home with all kinds of ideas for making his boat faster next year. 

My sister Linda came to visit from Seattle on Friday afternoon, so my brother Robert, my parents, and I spent Friday afternoon talking and singing around the piano.

Eric and I went to our friends' home for dinner and ice cream last night, and today I got to speak at the Little Penelope Lane Boutique/Blog Conference (It was fabulous!  More on that later).

Then tonight our church had a wonderful conference for all the women (which was such a treat).

Life is good, and things are going great overall, but every single time I make a choice to spend my time doing something "extra," something else has to give.  I'm learning to be okay with that, but goodness, it's hard.

There's a brand new magazine called The Sandbucket, and it is simply beautiful.

They asked me to write an article about balance for their Fall issue, and it just came out this week.


You can access the digital version of the magazine by clicking here.  And if you leave a comment on this post, one of you will be given a free copy of the real magazine in the mail.   (This is my first giveaway on this blog--I thought the magazine was so lovely that it was definitely worth sharing. So please participate in the giveaway!)

I'll pick the winner Tuesday night at 8pm Pacific Time.

Your comment can simply say, "I want to win!" or you can share a tip about how YOU balance.  Because isn't that the goal we're all trying to reach?


(Update: I just picked the winner, and it's Kristine Jones!  Congratulations! Your magazine will be arriving in the mail shortly.)


  1. I think we balance the same way a Chinese juggler does. Keep the plates spinning and, if one starts to fall, you leave the others so you can get the falling plate back in order. Of course that means the other plates may fall, but it's the chance you take.

  2. Congratulations April on your upcoming book! You are doing so many good things.

  3. oh how I loved seeing you and your beautiful smile and gorgeous family yesterday! You are such a delight to be around. Once again, thank you for coming and being a part of the blog conference. You were fantastic! The magazine looks fabulous! Congrats on that!!! I adore you! XO

  4. Balance can be elusive on big weeks like yours. My cousin's mother died this week. I was able to go be with her and her family right after she passed away. I didn't get as much sleep and later in the week was the funeral. But the relationships are priceless that got priority over sleep and extra time. After teaching the 6 steps to less stress class I have had people come thank me for teaching them especially about the email inbox staying empty. Thank you for he hard work and balancing and non-balancing you do that helps so many of us!

  5. In order to find balance I have had to give up quite a few of the things I was trying to balance. I have learned so much through Power of Moms, the most important of which is to focus on what season of life I am in right now. I never considered setting anything aside for later, and keeping everything on my plate while raising a newborn, a toddler, and a preschooler was making me feel crazy. I can appreciate the ups and downs of motherhood much more when I take advantage of the time I have right now and let most everything else go.

  6. Fun photos! Family birthday traditions are wonderful. I am so glad you enjoyed last evening. It was wonderful to see you there. Just looking at you inspires me!

  7. Balance is hard to achieve as a busy mom! I'm looking forward to the guidance that will come from General Conference this weekend. That always seems to help me get my life's balance back on track. :-)

  8. Don't you think we have weeks where we focus on one thing and then the next on another, etc. We may not feel like each day or week is balanced but we seem to get around to everything...eventually. It would be nice to feel totally at peace about that however. I hope your toilet paper situation gets balanced soon. Same thing happened to us two weeks ago and I went around to all 4 bathrooms realizing they all had a little on the dispenser and that was it! I am so impressed (but really not all that surprised) that Alia made Spencer's cake. It is so fun! I wonder if my daughter will make my cake next month. I think she would be thrilled if I asked her so thanks for giving me that idea. Bytheway, I think you are the most balanced person I know. Seriously.

  9. I'm always reminded of an ensign article written by elder uchdorf about a pilot continually tilting the wings of an airplane to keep it in balance and create a straight flight pattern. Love that. I may never be in complete balance but I'll just keep teetering back and forth trying my best. Can't wait to read your article! :)

  10. Kristine, I did a drawing on, and your number was picked! You are the winner of the Sandbucket giveaway. Congratulations!! I'll send your address to the editor. xo


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