Monday, September 17, 2012

Eliminating the "Sticky Points" of the Day

Do you ever feel like you’re sprinting around simply dealing with one “sticky point” after another? I’m not just talking about the literal stickiness . . . like orange juice on the kitchen tile or jelly smeared through someone’s hair. 

I’m talking about the behind-the-scenes problems that prevent you from accomplishing what matters most – the “little things” that frustrate you and keep you from enjoying the moments with your family.

Maybe your son’s globe nightlight needs a new bulb, and he complains about how much he misses it every time you try to sing lullabies.

Perhaps the door on the clothes dryer keeps popping open, so every time you run a load through, you have to stack heavy boxes in front of the machine, which then impedes the flow of traffic coming in from the garage.

Maybe you’re totally out of plastic spoons, so your children keep taking “real” ones to school in their lunch boxes.

The details in your home will be unique to your family, but everyone has to deal with “life.”
And what ends up happening is that we get so busy with the daily routines and trying to keep our heads above water that we put off taking care of these relatively easy-to-handle “sticky” points. 

We wait until the little things become big things, and throughout the whole process, our energy is zapped as our inner voice shouts, “Why can’t you pull your life together?”

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