Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mind Organization Workshop Report

This past Saturday, I held a Power of Moms Workshop at my home, and I feel so grateful to have had such a fabulous group of ladies in attendance.

My girls helped out by decorating our front windows with Power of Moms logos:

They even researched how to say "The Power of Moms" and "Mom" in several different languages using Google Translate.  SO cute.

We have the Power of Moms daisy logo on just about everything in our house.  The girls are getting really good at making it--including all 12 petals that represent our Power of the Month program.

Eric took the boys out for the day, and Grace and Alia helped me get all set up.  Trying to get this huge banner to hang straight was a little tricky, but the girls convinced me that no one would care if it was a little bit crooked.

For those who aren't yet familiar with our Mind Organization for Moms program, it's a mom-specific adaptation of David Allen's bestseller, Getting Things Done.  He has put together an amazing system, and I've just helped "translate it" into a version that works for mothers.

Alia looked through all her Pinterest boards to find something clever to do with the snacks. 

Love this girl.

Grace wanted to personalize everyone's cup.

And one mom brought the most darling baby.  Alia was thrilled to be able to help out a bit during the workshop.

Here are six of our attendees (Marni was out of the room at the time, but she joined us in the next photo):

It was so fun to go around the room and hear how each person found out about The Power of Moms.  Some had heard about us through Facebook or guest posts on other blogs.  One mom had been visiting her sister-in-law and commented on how she loved the feel in her home.  She said that they had everything really organized, their children had great routines set up, and the family had fun traditions established.  When she asked her sister-in-law how she knew how to be such a good mom, she responded, "Oh, it's all online at The Power of Moms!"

That made me smile.  Then, on the nine-hour drive home from visiting her sister-in-law, she read article after article on The Power of Moms website . . . for pretty much the whole trip.  Her husband asked what she was doing on her phone, and she responded, "Reading!!"  And now she's helping to share The Power of Moms in her own area.  That story made my day.

We went through the specifics of the program, practiced project-planning, ate our snacks that Alia had prepared, went through a Q&A session, and then finished up with a take-home sheet where each attendee outlined how she would implement the program once she returned home.

These moms are good, good women.  They want to enjoy their families, get their paperwork under control, and be able to be "in the moment."  I'm so excited for them.

We went to Panera for lunch afterward and just had some time to talk.  I felt like I got to have a "Learning Circle" for a day, and I wished that we could all just get together once a month to catch up.

I'm not quite sure when my next session at my house will be, but if you'd like to attend a Power of Moms Retreat or Workshop, be sure to check our list of upcoming events.  

Online interaction is great in so many ways, but it's kind of lonely.  Being with others--especially with other deliberate moms--is life-changing.

Thanks to all the wonderful moms (and to my sweet, supportive family) who made this day possible.



  1. Sounds amazing!! Wish I could have come too!

  2. Totally wish I could've come to this!!

    You have the most wonderful kids! They take after their mom. :)


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