Friday, August 2, 2013

Wondering Lists

Saren (my Power of Moms Co-Director) introduced us to this great idea called "Wondering Lists."

You know how sometimes you'll be in the middle of something like talking with the insurance company about a mistake on a bill, and one of your children will say, "Hey mom!  How does a baby come out of a mommy?"

Well, now instead of shrugging your shoulders or whispering, "I can't talk right now!" you simply instruct your child to record the question on the Wondering List.

Here are a couple of photos from our current list.  Notice that my sample question above was real--from Spencer:

The idea is that our family will research these questions together and participate in a fantastic educational experience.

The reality is that I've never gotten past the list-making.  

That's okay, though.  This fall we're going to make it happen.  I even stored these images in Evernote so they'll be handy at all times.  (If you haven't yet installed Evernote on your phone/tablet, it's a must.  I love it.)

Anyone out there have success with your wondering list . . . or some other method of answering all those questions your children ask?


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