Friday, July 19, 2013

Studio C - A Comedy Show Our Family ADORES

There's a fantastic comedy show called "Studio C" that's available for free online. Have you heard of it?  Our children love it, and we've watched every episode together as a family.

It's created by BYUTV, and since Eric and I are both BYU alums, we had to take our children on a tour of the studio while we were there.

This is the main floor of the BYU Broadcasting building--featuring some of their best shows:

We found out that the show is called "Studio C" because it's actually filmed in Studio C.  There is also a Studio A and a Studio B (but they don't have shows with those names).

This is the actual stage!  My children were thrilled to be there.

This is where they store their props:

And this was our awesome tour guide, Sean McGowan.  He spent an hour and a half with us--taking us through each part of the building and answering all our questions.  What a fun way to get children excited about the world of broadcasting.

We made this little video while we were there:

And then we went on a tour of a few other sets:

And got to see their high-tech truck:

This is the make-up room for the women featured on BYUTV:

And this is the green room:

Sean showed us room after room of screens and editing equipment.  Simply amazing.

This made us laugh.  (It says, "Please deposit $ .25 to continue . . .)

Another editing room:

I want a studio like this in my house someday.  Doesn't that look fun?

This is where they coordinate the music on BYU's classical radio station:

Each of these speakers is worth more than $25,000.  Oh, I wish I could go back to school and work in this building.  I majored in Communications at BYU, but we didn't have this back then.

This is a lovely lounge outside the music room:

And here we are, saying goodbye!  (Grace was at basketball camp, so she missed the tour, but we promised we'd take her next time!)

Click here to access BYUTV and see all the episodes of Studio C.

And if you want to see a few of our favorite Studio C clips:

This is the Shoulder Angel.  He literally climbs on the other actors' shoulders and transfers himself to others' shoulders without ever touching the ground.  It's one of our favorite sketches.

This one is INCREDIBLE!  He climbs up onto the president's shoulders while wearing handcuffs.

"I'm Fiiiiine!" is now one of our most common family phrases:

And this one about Facebook made me laugh:

Those are just a few we thought you'd enjoy.  The new season will be coming out soon.  We can't wait!!


  1. OK another reason to come visit! We can ALL watch Studio C together, we've got some favorites too!! Had no idea you could tour this, did you have to have some sort of cool hook-up? WOW, my kids will be excited!!

    1. So glad you love it, too! If you call BYU Broadcasting and ask them for their tour times, they'll set you up. They do free tours all the time. Our kids were in heaven. xoxox


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