Tuesday, April 30, 2013

See You in Park City!

I was going to write up a quick blog post about Screen-Free Week, our Power of Moms podcasts, and our Park City Retreat coming up, and then I read Saren's blog and figured it would be much easier to just say "Ditto!"

We're so excited about this weekend's Retreat (my last one for awhile), and if there is any way you can attend, we would love to meet you!  The registration closes Wednesday, May 1st.

Click here for Retreat details.

As I have been getting ready for this adventure, I remembered that Macy Robison took some beautiful photos of last year's Retreat at the same location (the gorgeous home of Richard and Linda Eyre).  Enjoy the photos!  Hope to see YOU in them next time.

Aren't those fun?  It will be a great weekend.

I'll be back to tell you all about it next week!

Much love,


  1. I would sooo love to be there and hear the Eyres and meet Saren, maybe another year!

  2. April, I didn't get to say goodbye to you after the retreat but it is always so very edifying to hear from you and get to be around you! I appreciate all your efforts to come out here to Utah and share your talents with us. I can't wait to start M.O.M.'s on Monday! Hope you travel home safely to your family.



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