Friday, March 1, 2013

The "Sick Week"

Alia came home with a little cough on Monday afternoon.

It turned into a croupy kind of cough that lasted for two sleepless nights, accompanied by a fever, body aches . . . the works.  She had to miss four days of school this week and is still huddled in a little ball in our family room, waiting to feel better.

Then Grace came home with a fever yesterday and needed to take some time off of school, as well.

Our home is a whirlwind of medicine, cough drops, humidifier treatments, thermometer-sterilizing, and lots of cat naps in random places.

It's been a tough week for all of us, and I'm trying to fight the tickle in my throat and get enough rest so I can take care of our family. 

I had a serious case of the "blahs" today and couldn't really do anything, and I was feeling discouraged that my energy and productivity has been so low this week.  Eric put me down for a nap and reminded me to stop expecting so much of myself.

I've realized that "productivity" DOES includes taking care of sick children.  It's not as visible, but it's more important than any of the other projects I had on my schedule.

I think my biggest realization, however, has been how much I miss my healthy girls.

Alia typically cooks dinner several times a week and Grace manages much of our laundry.  They also clean their zones, help empty the dishwasher, clean up after meals, and pitch in with lots of other little jobs.

So now, with both of them sick, I'm scrambling to pick up those jobs--in addition to making sure the bedding is washed, the door knobs are bacteria-free, and everyone has enough fluids, snacks, hugs, and back tickles.

Can't wait until everyone is healthy!

xoxo to all the families out there going through sickness right now.



  1. Gotta love this time of year! Hope you all are feeling better soon.

  2. Hi April,
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