Saturday, March 9, 2013

At the Hospital

I got a call last night from my sister, telling me my mother fell and broke her hip and was admitted to the hospital.

My heart has been aching for her all night, and the first chance I got, I drove out to see her.

The children and I made cards for her, and Alia hung them all over the windows.

(I'm posting this from my phone at the hospital, so I can't control where the pictures are, but they'll probably be down at the bottom.)

I'll give a better update later, but I just wanted to explain what's been going on around here.

My mom is in generally good spirits as she awaits surgery (8am tomorrow).

And every time she wakes up, I can tell she doesn't know what's happening or where she is, but she smiles at me and holds my hand and says, "Oh, April, we've got lots of fun."

This has been a hard, hard week, and this is the first day I'm out of bed from my own sickness, but I'm just grateful to spend a little bit of time with this precious lady.

And I'm praying hard that she will have a successful surgery tomorrow. (Extra prayers are much appreciated!)


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  1. Oh April I'm so sorry to hear that your mum is in hospital! From all the stories you've shared about her, I have such a soft spot for her. I can only imagine how hard all of this is for you!! Sending lots of love, and praying for you both!! xo


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