Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moms . . . In Concert

Back in June, Power of Moms received this email from one of our authors:

Power of Moms inspired some of us to put on a Revival Recital this summer, to renew and revive old talents that have been pushed aside while we mother. But not anymore. I thought you might be interested, so here's the link.

Thanks for the inspiration, Power of Moms.

Karin Brown

She outlined a special recital where moms would dust off their flutes, violins, trombones, or piano keys . . . and then perform for each others' families and friends--just because it feels good.  (The link above is the "call-out.")

And then a couple of days ago, I received the link to the follow-up blog post which features a video collage of the moms who participated in this concert:

This put me in the BEST mood . . . for so many reasons.

(1) How great is it that moms would take time to play music again?  So many times the children's lessons and practice time become the focus (that's how it is in my home), but these moms got right in there and did it, too.

(2) I love that this recital was for any skill level.  You can just tell that they were sincerely routing for one another.

(3) I love that the families came to cheer them on.  That's powerful, isn't it?

Last night, I pulled out our Christmas music binder and started playing some of my favorite songs (When Christmas Comes to Town, Somewhere in My Memory, O Holy Night, Breath of Heaven), and it felt SO GREAT!  I need music in my life.  It's a beautiful feeling to sit down and play something that stirs your heart.

I told my children that so much of my love for the Lord was developed during the hours I sat at the piano and played hymns and sang my heart out.

So thank you to these wonderful moms.  This revival concert was a fantastic idea.  Maybe the moms in my area would like to do one with me?  It could be drama, poetry, music, dance . . .   Oh, I'm getting so excited.  Someone let me know if you want to plan it, okay?  :)

P.S.  If you're commenting here and have a blog, will you type the blog url into your comment?  I switched from Blogger comments to Disqus, and they don't have a way for me to easily link back to your blogs.

(Anyone know of a good commenting system for blogs that allows a "reply to" option as well as an automatic link-back to the commenter's blog?  Thanks!)


  1. That is so neat. I recently started taking piano lessons along with 2/6 of my kids...and it is hard! But, I find that we can cheer each other on. They are probably better at playing than me because, let's face it, my brain is not what it used to be and I struggle to find time to practice--and when I do, it's usually with a younger child on my lap!

  2. I recently started taking piano lessons along with 2/6 of my children. It is hard! In fact, they are probably better at playing than me! However, my brain isn't what it used to be and when I do get time to practice, it's usually with a little one on my lap!

  3. April- thank you so much for commenting on our revival recital. It was a fantastic experience and we all can't wait to do it again. Wish you could join us. Maybe with enough advance notice...:)


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