Thursday, November 15, 2012

Laundry Hanging in the Kitchen

Isn't this a fun photo?

Our dryer broke on Tuesday night--right in the middle of wash day. 

So after Eric and I tucked the children in bed, we came down to the kitchen and hung laundry everywhere.

On our dryer rack, on the chairs, on the cupboards, on the drawers. . . .

When I went upstairs to go to sleep, I started laughing because Eric had also hung laundry ALL over the canopy of our bed.

We're shopping for a new dryer (recommendations, anyone?), but in the meantime, I think it's important to note that these little inconveniences aren't that big of a deal.

Yes, it's kind of annoying to have clothing all over your kitchen.  (It took forever for these things to dry.)

But we have family relationships that are stronger than ever.

When I'm filling up the water bottles or scrubbing something in the sink, Eric comes over, wraps his arms around my waist, and kisses that ticklish part by my ear until I get goose bumps down to my toes.

The girls are always watching closely, and they say something like, "Ooh-la-la."

When I tuck Spencer in at night, he says, "I love you 30, 50, 100 until the numbers end."  And since I've been sick this week and spending a lot of time on the couch, he keeps running up to me and saying in a deep voice, "Who loves his MAMA?"

Grace could see I was losing my patience last night, so she worked extra hard on her zone (kitchen this month) and danced around on wet towels to get the floor nice and shiny.  Then she gave me a neck massage and entertained me with at least 50 cartwheels up and down the living room. 

Ethan has totally taken responsibility for Spencer.  He made him a little snack yesterday after his nap, he makes sure Spencer shampoos his hair in the bathtub, and he teaches him all about Legos and car tracks.  Even though they're noisy little boys, it's just sweet to watch them together.

Alia is like a second mother to the younger children, and when I've been dizzy and head-achey, she's said, "Mom, go lie down.  I've got this."

And she does.

Sometimes life feels heavy.  I know that.  But quite honestly, if I had to choose between a new dryer and a family of best friends, I'd hang laundry in the kitchen any day.


  1. This was too sweet! I love your perspective! I learn so much from you as a mother and wife! I love the idea of Zones! What a great idea! Here's to a new dryer soon! XO

  2. People over things. I love it.

  3. Such a sweet post! Love it! And quite frankly...look at how colorful your kitchen looks now! And the convenience of it all!

  4. I often think, I can turn on a faucet, and clean water comes out. I can go to a store and find a bounty of food. I turn a knob and heat flows through my house. My daughter as well as my sons go to school. Our lives are magical.

  5. The funny thing is .. growing up, that was common - maybe not on the cabinets but most first generation Asian families don't use the dryer.. like my mom, they just hang it outside in the sunny California sun (pretty much year-round) and then, if it gets late, we move a few racks indoor. Hehe.

  6. We grew up hanging clothes on the line in the back yard. My mom thinks the sunshine is the best dryer, and she doesn't like to waste electricity. We just don't have a set-up for a clothes line, and our kitchen is kind of cramped. But yes--a dryer is such a luxury. ELECTRICITY is a luxury. And Daisy, I watched your video today. SO great! I'm so lucky to know you. :)

  7. Michaela, that made me laugh out loud. I told my whole family about that. "How colorful! How convenient!" You're so funny . . . .

  8. To be able to look past the distractions to what really matters is both a gift and an encouragement to others. Loved this :)


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