Thursday, November 8, 2012

Directed Efforts

Over the past week, with the election here in the USA, there have been a lot of emails, Facebook messages, and conversations about the state of our country, the people in power, and the policies being put in place. 

Regardless of one's political views, there are a lot of emotions involved here and many important issues at stake.

I think it's incredibly powerful when the nation, as a whole, is paying attention to what's going on--and trying to do something to improve our country and our world.

What happens, though, is that in the midst of staying informed and trying to influence the well-being of our society, it's easy to get distracted.

We could waste away our lives listening to talk radio, scouring news sites, and engaging in debates among our friends and co-workers, but how effective is that, really?

Today I just wanted to share an idea that's been helpful to me.

Once I research the issues, keep myself updated on the news, and form an opinion on which ideas are best, I go to the Lord and ask this question:

Where would you like me to direct my efforts?

This one simple question has completely shifted my perspective.  It brings peace to my life and enables me to take a deep breath.

Sometimes the instructions I receive are to get more involved in politics.

Sometimes I'm told to keep my eye on my current projects and give an increase of love to those in my circle of influence.

Sometimes it's a little of both.

Each one of us needs to be a leader, and I have zero doubts that God has specific work for each of us to do.  He wants to demonstrate His power in each of our lives, He wants us to love each other, and He wants us to trust Him.

Out of all the titles given to the Lord in the scriptures, one of my very favorites is "The Prince of Peace."

How grateful I am for that peace.

Any other thoughts on this you'd like to share?  Have you noticed how easy it can be to get distracted?  Do you have any other solutions that I could apply?

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