Thursday, March 22, 2012

Australia's "Breakfast" Morning Show

Saren and I had the exciting opportunity to spend a few minutes on National Television in Australia, and though neither of us enjoys watching ourselves on TV, I thought I'd post this clip for those who asked to see it.

(They were focusing on "Anti-Bullying Day.")

A HUGE thanks to Sarah Osmotherly, our Australian publicist, who arranged for us to be interviewed by two radio stations and Channel 10's Breakfast show.

Here are some photos from the morning of the interview:

Sarah drove into the city to pick us up at 7 a.m., and we were so relieved to have her as our navigator.

Walking into the studio with Lana . . .

Feeling pretty excited about the sign backstage:

Since they were doing a St. Patrick's Day show, they had an Irish fiddler waiting in the wings who went out for periodic performances.  She was incredible.

A peek at the tech room:

Getting our microphones on:

Here's me and Saren with Lana and Russell--the behind-the-scenes crew that makes everything happen:

I asked Alia to take photos of us getting our faces powdered--because when does this ever happen?  Do I look giddy?

Here's the set:

And this is the office area outside the set:

Such a fun day--and we even set up a new url for all our Aussie mums:

Thank you, Sarah and Channel 10, for such a fun experience!


  1. Way to go April! Very, very cool!
    So proud of you and Power of Moms.

  2. I am loving following these details! So great!!


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