Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recent Press Coverage of The Power of Moms

Today we were thrilled to see an article titled "Website Celebrates The Power of Moms" published in a major online newspaper.  Here is a copy of the text written by Emily W. Jensen:  

 Professional development. Meaningful management. Innovative ideas.

This is not a training meeting in a corporation boardroom; this is, a "professional organization for deliberate mothers striving to be the moms and women they really want to be."

Founders Saren Eyre Loosli and April Perry could not find any websites designed to help mothers connect with and learn from one another in an effort to share the joy of motherhood. So they joined forces to produce and now have 20 moms on board, and more than 150 women who have written articles for the website.

"Each one has her own story as to why she wanted to get involved," Perry said. "But the best part is seeing how The Power of Moms is empowering sharp, talented women to contribute to a cause that strengthens families worldwide."

With more than 40,000 visitors last year, continues to grow.

"We attract women who are serious about mothering and who want to grow their own abilities and talents through and during the experience of motherhood," Loosli said. "We've got a very diverse audience of mothers. We've got moms from 134 different countries, including moms who work outside their homes and stay-at-home moms, moms with plenty of money and moms with none, moms with several degrees from fancy universities and moms with valuable degrees from various schools of life experiences, moms with preschoolers through moms with teenagers."

And to help these mothers, offers tabs with tools of "Empowering Opportunities," "Learning Materials" and "Family-Building Resources." Within these, one finds the monthly theme and accompanying articles, the Power of Moms Podcast, book suggestions and instructions for forming a "Learning Circle." According to Loosli, this creates "meaningful mothers groups that meet monthly to discuss great articles on specific aspects of motherhood." also has resources to "help moms do some self assessment and set and track meaningful goals through our Bloom Program," Loosli said. "And last, but not least, we put on life-changing weekend retreats and workshops to help moms learn from each other and leave armed with tried-and-true ideas to make their motherhood experience what they want it to be and help their families reach their potential."

And they are seeing results. Perry received an e-mail from a single mother "who was seriously depressed about raising her 3-year-old. She was convinced that she was going to mess him up, and she didn't know how to handle her frustrations."

But about six months after beginning to read articles on and starting a Learning Circle support system, this mother e-mailed again to say, "I can do this! I am actually becoming a better mother now!"

In addition to, Loosli and Perry plan to soon launch a new website called "The Power of Families" that will offer parenting programs and resources.
Perry described how she feels "so much joy and purpose as I care for the people I love most" by sharing this with other mothers through

"Our overall vision is to offer moms around the world the chance to network with other moms who share their same values, motivations, hopes and dreams," Loosli said. "We want to help moms grow through motherhood, not just go through motherhood."

Perry added, "We want mothers to understand that they don't need to feel depressed, lonely or frustrated — they can come join a community that can help them to thrive."

To see the published article, click HERE.

(This blog was actually brought to you by Alia, age 11, while by Mom was putting curlers in my hair.) Have a great day!  ;-)


  1. How exciting!! congratulations on your achievement.

  2. That's fabulous! I'd love to see this Canadian e-mail newsletter and website cover The Power of Moms. Here's the website:

    Last night at our learning Circle we discussed your article, "We Raise Our Children While the Lord Raises Us." Such a great article. You have such a gift for seeing the spiritual parallels in the everyday.
    Take Care and keep up the great work!

    Ottawa, Canada

  3. Thanks so much for that link, Charelle! And thanks for all your positive feedback. We so appreciate you and what you're doing in your Learning Circle!


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