Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is . . .

Grace made my week when she showed me a poem she wrote called "Love is . . . ."

(She wanted to type it into this blog, so Grace--take it away!)

Love is brushing our hair every morning, every day.

Love is having a child sleep in your bed when one has a nightmare.

Love is tucking us in and reading us books at night.

Love is helping 4 kids with homework when trying to make dinner.

Love is hearing "mom" every 5 seconds without complaining.

Love is taking me to soccer every Tuesday and trying to take care of a three year old boy.

Love is letting the girls put on makeup when they're sick.


(Now it's April typing)

This meant so much to me because when I'm in the middle of doing all these things, I wonder if my children even notice.  Obviously, they do.

And now I'd like to write my own list for Grace and her siblings:

Love is giving your mom a foot massage at night when she's been working hard all day.

Love is vacuuming and polishing the van while mom takes a nap (they did that today!).

Love is reading books to Spencer when he's in "tantrum mode."

Love is making dozens of cards every month that say, "I love you."

Love is being patient when mom is about to lose her mind.

Love is being obedient--even when mom's not looking.

Love is butterfly kisses at night.

Love is promising you'll always be your mom's best friend--no matter what--forever.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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