Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Have HOW Many Emails in My Inbox?

I don't know why organizing emails is one of my passions, but I really, really like the feel of an empty inbox, and I love helping busy moms create order in their minds and in their families. 

Yesterday I got the chance to guest post on 5 Minutes for Mom--a great community I've been a part of for the past few years.  You can see my email post for their "Tackle it Tuesday" column here.

Or you can click here to see it on our Deseret News Blog:

Okay, but now onto the REAL thoughts that are keeping me up at night.
I just found out the other day that one of our authors on The Power of Moms, Amanda Wilkinson, lost her 20-month old son on Saturday.  He passed away in the night, and they found him at 8:30 a.m. in his crib.  

I've never met Amanda, but my heart goes out to her and all the other mothers who lose their little babies.  My heart also goes out to those who get so caught up in work, TV, shopping, worrying, etc. that they don't enjoy the moments with the children they DO have (I can often be included in this group).

I stayed up late Monday night thinking, planning, praying, and trying to figure out how to best spend my 168 hours each week.  I love writing, blogging, building my website, and presenting at Retreats, but any project or activity I take on has to be VERY important because it uses up time that could have been spent with my children and husband.  
Today Spencer and Ethan wore roller skates more often than not, so I have little boys wheeling all over the kitchen.  The problem is that we only have one pair of skates, so they keep fighting over who gets them.  

Grace passed her 7s in multiplication, and she was SO excited to tell me all about it.  She also made dinner all by herself tonight as part of her "Faith in God" project at church.  The smile on her face as she punched the bread dough into the counter was priceless (too bad the camera memory card was full).

Alia and I worked for several hours on her science project Friday night, and while we printed, cut, and glued her poster together, we talked all about growing up, goal-setting, and fun family stories.  I can't believe she's 11.

So I'm going to finish organizing my emails tonight, finish listening to the State of the Union address I missed last night, and then I'm going to do some more "hard thinking" and figure out what I can do to live a life with no regrets.

Any advice?

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  1. I thought about your comments regarding Amanda all day yesterday. It made me spend every moment with my 20 month old. I let the laundry gather, the dishes sit, and I must have checked on her four times before I finally headed off to bed.

    I don't know Amanda either but I am so sorry. Just hearing of her tragedy through you has made me look a little bit differently at today.


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