Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thinking Right

Today my focus is on "thinking right."  I'm reading the book, "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, and it it absolutely beautiful.  You can find a few of my favorite quotes here.

For some reason, it's extremely simple not to think right during this time of year--with all the party-planning, shopping, making of cherished family memories, and trying to capture the right spirit of the season--on top of the normal work/home responsibilities we all have.  Does anyone achieve 100 percent peace and serenity in December?

I started feeling a little frustrated this morning, but then this little guy came over to comfort me.

He wanted to lay down by the fireplace and eat a granola bar, and he wanted me to sit right next to him. 

"I wuv you," he whispered.

"I love you, too."  I whispered back.

"Do you have pooky spots on your pajamas?"  he asked.

"Yes.  But they're called polka-dots."

"When you was a little boy, you call them pooky spots too?"

"Well, I don't know what I called them when I was a little girl, but pooky spots is a good name."

Then I leaned over and kissed him about a hundred times, and he LET me.  We talked a little bit and laughed as he tried to "hug me with his feet," and now he's off playing, and I'm getting back to work.

I've just been reminded that "thinking right" involves focusing on the moments.  I can't get caught up in the worries and all the things that go wrong.  There are too many opportunities to savor the life that's around me.

"Thinking right" during Christmas is easier for me if I remember why we're celebrating.  The purpose of Christmas is to remember and draw closer to Jesus Christ--not just for the month of December, but for the whole year.  When my thinking is directed toward Him, when my faith in Him is unshakable, and when I listen to His voice as I decide how to use my time, I feel the peace, serenity, and beauty that this season is designed to bring.

So today I am going to do all I can to think right--to focus on the moments I get to live, and to remember that all the joy, love, and purpose I could ever want in life comes from the Lord.  He really is the Prince of Peace.

What helps you "think right" and keep your focus during the Christmas season?


  1. Oh, I so agree with this one. The biggest problem with not thinking right is that we become grouchy and grumpy and we don't want to do things in the moment. Sometimes we can be a little bit like children who are losing a game. Love the fact that your little guy was able to bring that moment home for you.

  2. April - I just love this. Sounds like an excellent book. And that conversation with your darling boy was absolutely precious. Moments like that keep us going. You're inspiring!

  3. April-What a great post-thank you! You've motivated me to re-read that book and put it into practice this holiday season.Your little man is just beautiful btw! I think those baby blues could cheer anyone up. Thanks again for the insights :O)

    Danielle Monson


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