Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feeling Excited for Allyson

I've got to get back to deciphering the Power of Moms Writing Contest results, but I had to take a second to introduce you to my friend Allyson Reynolds.


We met through email almost two years ago when she started contributing to The Power of Moms.  Her essays were amazing, and I was dying to get to know the woman behind the words.  I think we've emailed each other hundreds of times since then, and in the process, we have become dear friends.

What I love about Allyson is her passion to strengthen families, her down-to-earth nature, and her willingness to do scary things.  She's written features for our site, provided material for our Learning Circles, presented at a Power of Moms Retreat, and taught at BYU Idaho's Education Week.  Today she's featured on Deseret News for her first column on "Motherhood Matters."

None of this is easy for her.  She stays up late and gets up early to accomplish these things.  She taught at BYU Idaho just a couple of days after moving her family across two states.  She devotes her life to her husband and four children, yet she makes the time to uplift the mothers around her.  I was just feeling excited for her today and wanted to share.

(Click here for Allyson's blog.)

There are so many incredible women that I get to work with--I think I'll start featuring them more often!

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