Monday, July 26, 2010

These Photos Sum Up My Life

Spencer and I bonded during this sweet moment the other day.   I said "yes" to straws, and he wanted two in his drink, and then he wanted to share, and I was so excited to be drinking lemonade with my little cutie that I asked Alia to take some photos of us together.

And then this happened:

 That's not nice. 

These two pictures pretty much sum up my life right now.  One moment everyone is happy--singing songs around the piano, watching "parachute man" fly up above the gusty air conditioning unit in the backyard, or cracking pistachios like there's no tomorrow--and then a minute later it's like they've transformed into a bunch of crazies.

I learned long ago that it's silly to expect life to be wonderful 24/7.  We have to find happiness in snatches.  I'll keep focusing on photo #1, and I'll eventually laugh at photo #2.  Good, good times.

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  1. Boy isn't that true. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like they live on a roller coaster! Today my little Alli begged to go the pool, then threw a fit once we got there. Then later cried and begged not to go hiking that evening, and then was furious at us when we decided to stay home. Actually, sounds like a little girl who needed her nap, and a mom who is tired of all the activities that keep us up till way too late at night. :)

    Yes, sleep is a needed thing. I always think about your advice and my need for more sleep. I wish I could have been at your BYU-I classes. Sounds like they went well! Way to go, you're a super mom!

    (if this doesn't make sense... I'm just tired!)


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