Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Mission Statement T-Shirts...Take One

I have this dream of showing up at Family Camp this summer with matching t-shirts.  I'm still working on the style, fonts, etc., but here's my first attempt at a design--featuring our Family Mission Statement (which was totally written by our children).

It's funny because even though my children suggested this over and over again as our mission statement, I kept trying to make it more "professional."  Well, now we have a professional one all typed up somewhere, but the only one we can actually remember is THIS one!  I'm sure it will change over the years, but for now, this is our focus--spreading love within our family, to our neighbors, and to the world.  Just like butter on toast.

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  1. That reminds me of a family reunion a couple of years ago. As part of the talent show, we sang our 'Family Song' that we wrote together as a family when our oldest were about 7 and 4. People couldn't help but laugh at the last line that sings, "And we don't want to go to jail so we'll be nice." They are slightly embarrassed nowadays when they are given credit for the lyrics...


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