Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My FIRST Post (I'm so excited!)

Writing my first post on this blog reminds me of cracking open a brand new journal, leafing through the pages, and wondering what's going to fill them. I LOVE that feeling of endless possibilities--some I can control, most I can't.

This blog is where I plan to record how "the power of a family" affects my life. I've been working on creating/building/running The Power of Moms for more than three years now, and while it's been a great outlet to write essays, articles, etc. on the website, I haven't had anywhere to share what I'm learning along the way, so this is it.

I know some people wonder why a blog is necessary at all. One friend of mine said that bloggers remind her of the popular girls in high school who miss having a "following." I think pride can certainly be an issue with blogs, where "popularity" is so measurable, so I'm doing my best to watch out for that and write with only the best intentions. I do, however, think that blogs are an incredible way to share your experiences with others and let your highs and lows benefit your peers and generations to come. I know that MY life has been changed for the better as I've read others' blogs, and my hope is that the time I invest in creating this record will be a benefit to those who read it.

(And I want to send a quick thanks to Sarah Turner for teaching me how to make a header for my blog. It took a Barney video, a Blue's Clues video, and 8 board games for me to get it done, but Sarah's instructions are terrific. Since I'm sure I'll be changing this heading at some point in the future, I'll include a copy of it here:)

I wish I could write a "Table of Contents" for this blog right now, but since I don't know what exactly is coming in my life, here's a basic idea of what I plan to blog about:

  • How my family brings me joy (and sometimes craziness...most days are a whirlwind of activity with a few random "Hallmark" moments thrown in).
  • How I'm applying what I'm learning from The Power of Moms into my own family (along with some behind-the-scenes details regarding what it takes to make this website work).
  • What is hard. There's a tendency to share our best moments with the blogosphere, but I think moms need to see that everyone has a hard time. I have no doubt that I'm going to have lots of hard days ahead of me, so I'll blog about those, too.
  • Ideas that strengthen me. I am constantly looking for powerful ideas that impact the way I think and act. When I find them, I'll share!
Families are powerful. They require a LOT of work, they fill up your heart, they stretch you to your limits, and they are packed with symbolic, essential life lessons. I adore my family, and I want to be better for them. I don't have a problem admitting I'm not perfect. I struggle every day with my weaknesses, but when I look at my life and REALLY examine what I'm doing with my time and energy, there's nothing that matters more than family.

Thanks for joining me. I look forward to getting to know you!

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