Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Heaven-Sent Lift

I miss you. 

I miss writing on this blog. 

I wish I could just sit down every day and talk about all the things I am learning, and all the funny things that are happening, and all of the exciting activities that are totally out of my comfort zone, but for which I am very grateful.

But tonight I just want to record a simple idea that has brought me more strength in the last two days then I had hoped to receive.

I woke up yesterday morning with five or six heavy things weighing on my mind, and because it was early, and no one else was awake, I went quietly downstairs and sat cross-legged on the carpet in front of our little gas fireplace to have my personal time with God.

I read this talkand this particular line jumped out at me:

"Heaven-sent lift will be found for heaven-sent duties."

All of a sudden, I looked at my list of worries I had recorded in my journal and realized that every single one of them was heaven sent.

I think you can relate....

Everything involving my family, my work at Power of Moms, or my interactions with God's children is work I am doing only because I want to serve my King.

I know many of you feel likewise.

And so I realized I didn't need to worry.

Instead, I simply needed to ask Him to send the help that He has promised.

Well, the help came--that "lift" I had hoped for.

It came with more power and peace and beauty than I feel I deserved. 

My heart has been SO calm, and the past couple of days have felt incredibly empowering.

As I look back, I can pinpoint the start of this miracle to the moment I read that promise from above.

So I wanted to take just a moment to share it with you. And I want to make sure you know that for all of your heaven-sent duties, heaven-sent lift WILL come...if you just ask. 

With Love, 


  1. As usual, your Post was just what I needed to hear today. My faith has been shaky the last few months and you helped me to see that a lot of what I thought was being forgotten by Heaven was me not doing my part reaching out and asking for that heaven sent lift. Pretty sure this post was meant specificially for me and others who needed that reminder as well.

    1. Love you, Mary! Glad to hear this has been helpful. Read that full'll love it. And for me, the scriptures have been KEY. You are wonderful!

  2. April - Thanks so much for this post! I feel like I can pray more confidently when I know what I'm praying for is help for "heaven-sent duties."

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