Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Motherhood Realized - A Book Launch THANK YOU

I'm typing in amazement right there's a little stiffness and fatigue from being on the computer a lot over the past couple of days.

But I just needed to take a moment to express my appreciation.

A few months ago, I set this "pie in the sky" goal of reaching the New York Times' Bestsellers' List with our new book, Motherhood Realized. And all the while, I haven't had a clue as to whether or not it is possible (because that list is kind of a mystery), but I like having big goals, and I believe in this book more than I can express.

So our book team is hard at work, and our Power of Moms Board is working together like crazy to make this happen, and our community has been absolutely amazing.

The support means the world to me. I wish I could give all of you a big hug.

And this morning when I woke up, I saw that Motherhood Realized was #1 in "Motherhood" books on Amazon and #141 in ALL of the books on Amazon.

Then later today, we saw our book listed on the "Movers and Shakers" side bar on Amazon's Top 100 page (see us there in the bottom right corner?).

Then it started to sink in...

This NYT dream might actually be a possibility.

So for those of you who are wondering, "How can I help?" (Don't worry if you're totally overwhelmed and this isn't you--but for those who DO want to help, I thought I'd give you some specific ways to do so.)

#1: Please buy a copy of Motherhood Realized by Saturday, March 29th--from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble--if you haven't already.

And if you have the budget to buy LOTS of copies--to give to friends, teachers, sisters, aunts, or the local library, that would be wonderful. We are focusing all of our attention on generating orders THIS WEEK. (That's what helps rank us high in lists and can potentially help us get to the NYT list.)

*Amazon says they're out of stock, but they're not.  Just place your order, and your book will ship in a couple of days.  :)

#2: Please tell your friends about this book by sharing our Book Page:

This page has a free chapter to download, a quick video, links to where the book is available, details on the authors, plus information about the GIFTS we're giving to everyone who orders by March 29th.

You can link to it on Facebook, your blog, Pinterest, Instagram or any other means of digital communication and say something like this:

My friend April at Power of Moms asked me to help spread the word about this great new book that launched this week.  It's already #1 out of all Motherhood books on Amazon, and they are working THIS WEEK to get it onto the NYT Bestsellers' list.  This isn't just a book, it's a movement focused on the power of deliberate motherhood, and I'm excited to help support the cause:

#3: If you've already read the book--or even some of the posts in the book--please write a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

When books receive a high number of 5-star reviews, it becomes visible to more readers/shoppers. That makes a big difference to us.

The content of the book can be found in this category of posts. So if you can't afford the book but want to read some of the content and then write a review, that would be great! 

I hardly ever ask people to buy things. That's just not my style.  But in this case--with this beautiful book that has the power to launch a movement that is bigger than myself, I encourage you to get the book--get LOTS of books--and I THANK YOU for your incredible support.

Much love,

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