Monday, December 9, 2013

Date Nights @ CVS

Whenever we drive by our local CVS pharmacy, Spencer asks, "Mom, can we go on a date?"

What he means is that he wants me to take him--just the two of us--to play with the collection of toy cars they have there.  

Eric and I typically take turns going on date nights/outings with each of our children (not as often as we'd like, but we try...)  And Spencer chooses CVS for EVERY DATE.

I can't always stop right then, but as soon as it's possible, I get out my calendar, find a free night, and say something like, "Wednesday. We'll go Wednesday."

Then when Wednesday comes, we drive across town (Spencer all smiles when I glimpse his reflection in the rear view mirror), and we race into CVS to hang out by this rack of cars for about 45 minutes.

There's usually not a lot of talking, and we only buy a car when he has saved up his money, but I sit by him while he lines up his favorites, and I take pictures so we won't forget them.

I would obviously never do this if I didn't have Spencer, but I love it because he loves it.

And I have to laugh because he used to call it "CPS," and I was so worried that people would wonder why he and his mom were going to Child Protective Services for their date night.  (Yeah, we corrected that as soon as possible.)

I just thought it would be helpful to share this idea because it's so simple. And it's free. And even though I feel like I never have enough one-on-one time with my kids, experiences like this mean the world to me.

(Any other simple dates you'd like to share?)


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  1. I take my girls one-on-one with me to run errands on Saturdays, when it works out. Last week I had to get new glasses, so I took my almost-6 year old and she helped me pick out my frames, and she picked a few that she liked and I took her picture with each one. Then my 4 year old went to the grocery store with me. It's simple, but if they feel special and we call it a date, they love it!


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