Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Happy, Happy, Happy Halloween

I'm in the airport--jumping on the plane to New York City (can't wait for our Power of Moms Retreat!), but since I left this blog on kind of a sad note, I wanted to post a quick update with photos from last night.

Eric and I took the kids to Long Beach to go trick-or-treating with my mom (something we've never done before because we usually like to stay in our own neighborhood).

And while I can definitely understand what my sisters were talking about regarding Stage 7--and I agree, that's where she's heading (lots of sad realizations last night)--we still had a beautiful evening.

We dressed my mom up like the queen of Naples Island (where she lives), and gave her a crown and a robe.  She loved being with the kids:

This smile is my favorite.  My dad asked me to print it out for him:

And as I got her ready for bed, she said, "Oh, this is fun. This is so, so fun."

Another tender mercy from the Lord.  Can't tell you how grateful I feel.  Thank you for your support and prayers. They are helping more than you know.

(More about NYC when I get back!)



  1. Your eldest daughter is the spitting image of your mother. Blessings.

  2. Hi Mom! I love and miss you! You are an amazing and wonderful mother!

    -Gracie <3


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