Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Dance Day?

My friend Catherine Arveseth posted this video to her blog the other day, and our house hasn't been the same since.

We bought the song on iTunes, and now we are dancing around the house to this music at least 15 times a day.  Grace even played it on my iPhone tonight on the way home from Back-to-School Night, and we danced the whole way through the parking lot.

When the kids got home from their first day of school on Wednesday, Alia and Spencer stood up on chairs and danced their hearts out while Grace pretended she was a fan in the audience begging for high fives.

  (Alia loved middle school, by the way, and the younger three think their teachers are heroes!)

Which gave me an idea.  What if this cute Kesler Family (or someone else who loves to dance) made "Family Dance" Instructional Videos?  Or does anyone know of some that are already out there?

I would love to learn simple dances with my children and then get together with other families and dance together. (Flash mobs at the park?) But I'm not a choreographer. And I need some help. 


It just seems like dancing would help us remember how fun families are.  Because even though I had to clean up a smashed jar of maraschino cherries yesterday, and even though someone left the deep freezer open and all the frozen stuff softened, and even though the boys were swinging on the shower rod the other day, families are still fun. Really fun.

So I'd really appreciate any help anyone has to offer on this.  We could even expand it to our whole Power of Moms Community and have an official "Family Dance Day."  I'm getting more excited every minute. . . .


  1. I would be happy to teach your family a kids dance from Rpmania. I have the music on iTunes and I taught it last year at activity days, so it's fresh in my mind.

  2. Love it! I used to be a dancer, back in the day, April. I could definitely come up with something! I'll start brainstorming....

  3. April - you are hilarious! I love your ideas! Left you a comment on my blog. But if you're serious, Kelsi is your girl. She's amazing. (her blog is on my sidebar - Fullmers) Your children are so darling. My kids are begging me to make a movie like the Keslers. We'll see... xo

  4. I'd be happy to teach your family a simple children's dance from Romania. It is simple, but surprisingly challenging as it gets faster and faster and faster.

  5. Aubrey, I'm thinking of launching this for October--The Power of Fun. We could have four different dance instructional videos to pick from (very easy to a little bit harder), and then we can have a contest associated with it. If we have four different fun, popular songs, I think our kids would LOVE it. We could launch this Oct. 1st, so if you want to do it, I'd love to have your help!

  6. Okay, Cath, this is forming in my head as a launch for Oct. 1st--The Power of Fun. I'm going to check out the Fullmers' blog. (Alia can't wait!) Thanks for the fun idea!

  7. I'd love to see a dance from Romania! Can you record it to YouTube as a private link and then send it to me? (April (at) Whenever you get a chance . . . Thanks!

  8. This is great! I just found your blog today, and I love this idea! My kids make a dance video every Sunday morning when my husband and I go grocery shopping and our oldest babysits (I blogged it here: ) but we've never done a family video. What fun!

  9. Wow! That is a wonderful idea for family bonding! Have you tried
    making a dance video? I’m getting excited hearing about your plan! And from the
    looks of it, the kids are up to the challenge of dancing away to the beat! I
    would suggest learning a bit of ballroom dancing, so you can incorporate a lot
    of dance moves to the video.



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