Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Power of Moms Book is SO Close.

This is what my computer screen looks like right now:

We have been working on this book for The Power of Moms for more than 18 months, and it is 99.99% done. 

It's just that this last .01% takes way longer than I anticipated.  But it's coming, and it's so worth it.

I keep getting choked up as I'm doing the editing.  The stories shared by our 60 authors are simply beautiful.  They remind me that motherhood is incredible, they encourage me to keep going, and they help me to see into the lives of other deliberate (but normal!) mothers who are making their families strong and wonderful.

I have hope for the world when I read a book like this.

Can't wait to share it with you!  Then we can talk all about it and share our favorite parts and let it change the world through how we live what we learn.

Just wanted to share the excitement! If you want to read a few excerpts, you can click this link: Deliberate Motherhood, the book.



  1. Woot! Woot! That's what I have to say. And bless you sweet April for doing so much of the grunt work. Love you!!

  2. YAY! So excited! You rock...that last part is never fun!

  3. Rebecca, I can't thank you enough for the cover. It is gorgeous, and it will be so fun to get this out there!!

  4. It is so exciting, Cath. So many people have worked hard on this, and Chantol put the majority of it together. Just these finishing touches are taking about 90 minutes per chapter. I've got four more to go, and then it's done! Love you!


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