Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

I just wanted to take a moment to send my love to my family and friends (and any blog-readers who I haven't had a chance to meet yet).

Eric and I spent the day organizing boxes in the garage and the attic--while our children practiced barrel-walking, went bike-riding around the neighborhood, and threw water balloons at each other (it was so nice and warm).

I read once on GTD Times that it's less important to set New Year's resolutions, and more important to clear out the clutter in our lives to create space for new projects and opportunities.  So I've spent many hours this month turning spaces like this:

Into more organized spaces like this:

One of my posts, "How to De-Junk in a Whirlwind" is up on The Power of Moms right now, along with a recent podcast I recorded with a lovely mother named Tina Marantette.

The main thing that's on my mind, though, is my evaluation of 2011.  Simple Mom has 20 great reflective questions posted on her site this week, and it was fun to look through them and consider how our family and The Power of Moms has grown this year.

But the number one question I ask myself each year is, "Have I grown closer to Christ?" 

If I've grown closer to Christ . . .
  • I've been kinder to my family
  • I've strengthened my marriage
  • I've used my time wisely
  • I've gained a greater understanding of who I am
  • I've served His children with more charity in my heart
  • I've surrounded myself with people and things that uplift
  • I've cherished the precious moments around me
  • I've become less selfish, less obsessed with my flaws, and more willing to unite my will with God's
  • I've been brave when I wanted to shrink
  • I've gained a deeper understanding of my absolute dependence on my Creator, and 
  • I've devoted myself to becoming even closer to Him in 2012.
I know I'm lacking in about 10,000 areas, and I know it's going to take a long time to get where I need to be, but as I close up 2011, I feel very grateful for the chance to live, the chance to be a wife and mother, and the chance to grow a little bit closer to the Lord each day.

Have a wonderful New Year!



  1. This is an awesome post! What an inspiration you are! I feel so much the way you have described here, and I too am working on de-cluttering (again! :o), though I am setting goals today as well (I love setting goals! :) I love your list, and wish I had written something like that with my New Years Eve post! Oh well...
    BTW. You have a sweet and wonderful spirit, and I love getting to know you through your blog... Happy New Year!

    Corine :D

  2. Corine, you are such a cute cheerleader. Thanks for your friendship and your kind words. And good luck with your de-cluttering and goal-setting! Love, April

  3. Thanks, April! :) You are more than welcome, you know (I love to make new friends :).
    And good luck to you as well... (not that you need it! :o Your place looks terrific! ;)

    Love, Corine :D

  4. I just haven't posted photos of the most recent messes . . . we're going to do some more work tomorrow :) Goodnight!

  5. Darn! It really is "never ending" isn't it? LOL! Que Sera Sera! ;) *Corine :D


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