Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to The Power of Moms

Saren and I haven't been tracking the history of our site very carefully, but I just found an email dated September 2, 2007 called "Power of Moms Launch," so this month, we are wishing The Power of Moms a very happy 4th birthday.  

This was my situation at the time of the launch:
  • eight months pregnant with my fourth child, Spencer (he came 10 days later)
  • had been working on this website for more than a year with some good friends who served on our initial board
  • scared to death to launch it because I didn't know if I could keep up with a monthly newsletter
  • decided I would just go ahead and take the plunge before I delivered my baby (because who knew when I would have arms free to work on the computer while caring for a newborn)
  • knew somewhere in my heart that this was the first step toward something monumental in my life
Saren and I teamed up just a few months after the site went live (she had a website of her own, which now serves as the basis of our Learning Circles and Retreats), so really, The Power of Moms has two birthdays, but If you're interested, here's what I sent to a small group of my friends at the first launch:

From:"April Perry" 
Sent:Sun 9/2/07  12:35 am
Subj:"Power of Moms" Launch

Hello, Fellow Mothers!

I am excited to announce that we have launched the website
.  This is an interactive website designed to connect
mothers and help them to teach, inspire, and encourage one another.  I
would love for you to be a part of it!

We are still in the process of adding more content and features to the

site, but the majority of it is up and running and ready for submissions!
On the site, you will find articles that focus on how moms can look at the
world optimistically (general and religious), journal entries that
highlight special mothering moments, book abstracts to help mothers select
the best books to read, and a forum titled "Moms' Perspectives."  We
also have a monthly challenge, a monthly value (linked with Richard and
Linda Eyre's Values Parenting website), and a yearly project.

Please forward this link on to anyone you think might enjoy visiting or

participating.  The whole point of the site is to strengthen mothers by
providing a way for us to teach and learn from each other.  I consider you
to be outstanding women, and I hope this is a site you will enjoy!



It's now been four whole years. (See my baby?)

Four years of work with women who are like sisters to me.  Four years of learning from other mothers who inspire me to be deliberate in how I raise my children.  Four years of doing "scary" things every day--and realizing that even though I'm not as smart as I need to be, those who work with us on the site, the community at The Power of Moms (and the Lord, of course) make up for where I lack.

I honestly didn't know where this was going to go (and if I had, I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to send out that initial email), but The Power of Moms has helped me to focus my time on the things that matter most, and if you haven't joined yet (it's free!), we have a great Member Package ready for you (and an exciting Couples Retreat in Park City this weekend). 

Such a fun way to celebrate a birthday!


  1. That is SUPER cute! Now, you can celebrate Power of Moms' birthday with Spencer's Birthday! I love you SO much

  2. I meant to stick these at the end of my other coment:

  3. love u mom! i love you soo much. enjoy the couples retreat!!


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