Sunday, September 19, 2010


I just got home from the Power of Moms California Retreat last night (which was an incredible experience...more on that later), and I was SO excited to see my family. 

This morning after breakfast, my girls asked if they could show me a video on Webkinz (an online world that works with their stuffed animals).  At first I thought it was going to be kind of silly, but they said, "Mom, it reminds us of you and Dad.  And there are little kitty cats who are just like us, and it's so sweet.  You HAVE to watch it!"  So I agreed.

For the next three minutes, I cried and cried.  Whoever created this video did an amazing job.  It absolutely did remind me of my husband and family. 

Sometimes family life seems exhausting.  Most of the time it's messy.  My children bicker, my three-year-old dumps milk on the counter, and occasionally I wonder if I am qualified enough to do this well.  But when I watch a video like this, I know it's all worth it.



  1. Hi April! That Webkinz video is darling! Who knew?! My kids love webkinz. I hadn't ever seen that! I enjoyed meeting you and listening to all your great wisdom so much this weekend! I am really going to try the new organization system (especially for the two Halloween parties that are coming up-ha ha!) You are such a cute mom and have so much to offer other moms. Thank you for sharing with us!!! Ann Morley

  2. Oh my gosh how cute was that?! How sweet that it reminded them of you and your hubby! That means you're doing something right you know!

    P.S. You gotta check out the "Hug a Pug" music video on Webkinz. We jam to it as a family all the time!

  3. April,

    That is so sweet! I love the song and its message. What a gift you and Eric give to your children that their parents are who they thought of when they saw this!

  4. April, When you have a few minutes (yeah right!!!) can you email out the photos you took of our Dana Point weekend?? Thank you!!!



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