Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Southern California Power of Moms Retreat...can't wait!

A year ago, I created a "Pie in the Sky" list...things I dreamed of, but couldn't picture actually happening.  At the top of that list was "Have a Power of Moms Retreat."  I've been working on this website ( for the past four years, and even though online connections are great, there's nothing like physically gathering with and learning from like-minded mothers.

My dream came true back in June, when we had our very first Retreat in St. George, and now we're having a second one right here in Southern California on September 17th and 18th.  I am THRILLED.

The best part is how the efforts of good women have come together to make this happen.  I didn't know how to put on a Retreat, but Saren (my co-director at Power of Moms) is a professional in conference planning.  She is incredible.  And then our two amazing Power of Moms Trainers/Retreat Organizers, Sarah and Susan Chapman, have done all the California leg work to get this local one to happen.  I feel privileged to be a part of it.

For any of you in or near Southern California, please consider yourselves formally invited to attend this Power of Moms Retreat.  We're calling this a "Get Organized" Retreat, where I'll provide in-depth, but easy-to-follow training on our new program, Mind Organization for Moms (based on David Allen's best-seller, Getting Things Done), and Saren will teach us all how to establish family systems that work (her parents, best-selling authors Richard and Linda Eyre, speak all over the world on this topic, and Saren does a great job helping her fellow mothers learn to apply it in their own homes).

We'll also have table topics, plenty of discussions on how to find joy in mothering, and opportunities to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa.  Does that not sound like the kind of weekend every mother needs?

I hope you can make it!  (But if you can't, please help us spread the word.  We don't know all the moms in the world yet, but we're trying!)

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